AFS Blackbird

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Product details

Product advantages

  • High aspect board
  • Earliest flight
  • Touch Down tolerance
  • Triaxial Carbon Construction

Which program for a BlackBird?

The AFS BlackBird is a board specifically developed for downwind SUP foil and wing foil. It is also a formidable weapon in wing foil in ultra light conditions.

Which Blackbird to choose?

SUP FOIL <75 kg >75 kg
Blackbird 6’2 Blackbird 6’4
WING FOIL (ultra light wind) <85 kg >85 kg
Blackbird 6’2 Blackbird 6’4

Board features

BlackBird 6’2 BlackBird 6’4
Volume 90 L 110 L
Length 6’2 6’4
Width 21′ 1/2 23′ 1/2
Box US double rail US double rail


The AFS BlackBird is full carbon and made in France. We mainly use triaxial carbon fiber making the board stiff, light and responsive. High density foam for extra stiffness.

Can we put straps?

Inserts are an option available for attaching footstraps.

What is included?

The BlackBird is sold complete, board only.


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