Witchcraft Wave extension


WC ext

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The ultimate carbon RDM extension. Euro pin type. 32cm of extension. The strongest mast extension you can get.

Some of the main differences of this extension is the slightly increased diameter of 32.7mm over the standard 32mm to reduce play inside the mast creating point poads and turning the holes 90° so they are length wise in stead of across.  With bent aluminium extensions you can clearly see all RDM extensions bend sideways because of a wave hitting the sail. Strength analyses show that by turning the holes 90°, the highest force in the tube (where it will break) is reduced by 47% (1494 MPa against 797 MPa). So that alone makes it 90% stronger, without increasing weight. See pictures of the analyses using finite elements below.

Having the holes side-ways simply creates a massive weak spot. These analyses were done with 6,5mm holes, with bigger holes the difference is even bigger.

Weight: 492 gr


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