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In production since 2012, the Shaman has established itself as a classic and has a growing community of fans. The first Shamans were originally designed as an on shore wave board for Pozo and similar spots. It is shorter, wider and flatter with the straps a bit further back. This makes it early planing, fast and loose. Since these traits are also (or especially) welcome in bigger boards, the bigger sizes Shaman have also become very popular. Like for like, a Shaman planes as early as a Chakra but is more sporty where the Chakra is more forgiving.

The Shaman sports various details tipical for Witchcraft: Sharper rails in the back, tail a bit thinner, trifin, short steps in volume, ergonomic straps and pads. The Shaman HDD constructions come with heel cushions for saving the riders joints on hard landings and giving a softer ride.

The HDD construction comes in luminous red, the SDT in luminous green and the SDT in luminous blue.

All witchcraft boards are made to order – delivery time is usually 2-3 months


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