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The Karma is our 5 BATTEN all-round power wave-on shore wave-Bump & Jump sail.

The Karma was designed along with the Slayer to be a more all-round sail for a wider range of use. The use of 5 battens is supported by a monofilm and PVC free construction with extensive use of X-ply with uni directional Kevlar fibers along the stress lines, giving a stable sail to offer the biggest windrange. The medium deep pre-shape in the sails gives both a lot of grunt in lighter winds plus a more stable shape in higher winds. The pre-shape in combination with the higher aspect make the sails very effective so you can rig 0.2 to 0.6 m² smaller. The power delivery is very smooth. Similar to motocross where they moved away from the nervous 2-stroke engines to 4 stroke engines.

As we are very experienced sail repairers as well, we can safely say that you will not be able to find a better built sail. The sail is built to handle getting washed by waves, without ripping or overstretching and loosing it´s crisp feel. A sail that keeps its shape feels lighter than a physical light sail that can´t keep its shape as well, either because its overstretched, less seam shape or because of less battens.

-biggest wind range
-can be set very grunty for super early planing and the sail still feels stable
-smooth power delivery
-More drive and control in the bottom turn
-Highest durability with average weight

The Karma works best with our Chakra, Shaman, Haka or Wave V4 boards.

 “Smoothly does it”. Read the test of the Karma 5.0 by Windsurfing UK

Witchcraft sails are usually ordered on request.


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