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Chakra V3

The Chakra is Witchcrafts Freewave range. In production since 2008, another classical. The Chakra stands for easy sailing in a wide range of conditions, flat water, coastal waters and occasional wave sailing. Providing the probably biggest wind range any shape could offer. Handling chop, getting planing and up wind, no tail walking when overpowered, very good manoeuvrability for this board type, super easy jybing are all excellent traits still unseen today in this combination. The V2 shape was left unchanged from 2009 to 2017.

For 2017, the V3 has been upgraded with a new faster rockerline, the volume has moved back slightly and the boards have become shorter and wider. The new bottom shape is a V into double concave into V, handling chop very well with good planing power. As a result, the V3 now is faster and more exciting to sail in flat water. We tested the 95 in trifin mode against the single fin mode and it trifin mode it was faster on all point of sail with the biggest difference when sailing upwind, winning 75m on a 1200m stretch, at the same time, it felt more composed, handling chop better and easier to gybe.

Due to the very good chop handling and extremely high top end, the smaller Chakras are also excellent all round high wind boards.

Also the Chakra sports various details tipical for Witchcraft: Sharper rails in the back, the unique Witchcraft tri fin with pretwisted side fins reducing drag, short steps in volume, ergonomic straps and pads. 

The HDD construction comes in luminous red, the CBC in luminous green and the SDT in sky blue.


All witchcraft boards are made to order – delivery time is usually 2-3 months



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