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AEON – The only multi sport foil system winning international titles in four disciplines of Windsurfing and Winging.

DESIGN GOALS: We wanted this foil system to be commercially available at different price levels from “zero-compromise Worldcup performance” to “high-perfomance and budget-friendly”. The AEON has been designed for maximum control – easing the fight of 3-dimensional flight for both the world cup rider fighting in the pack and the intermediate rider. In our unique and precise hybrid design process the human brain (knowledge) and hands (feeling) are leading the computer aided design – not the other way around! We have invented unique foil designs that “A.I.” (artificial intelligence) could never create as we are literally developing and testing gear outside today’s software data range.
The AEON system is working as a whole. Mast, fuselage and wing designs interact. The result is unparalleled performance.

AEON foilmasts are superior in terms of flex and twist. They’ll give you the most controlled flight you’ve ever experienced. All dimensions (S,M,L,XL) offer similar stiffness and control but vary in top speed and price. Our “cheap” masts (M,XL) never feel whobbly or soft like other brands’ entry level products do and are a stunning alternative to the elite masts (S,L) if you’re on a budget.

AEON fuselages are using our self-locking connection for the most direct power transfer possible. Available in aluminium (best cost/performance ratio) and titanium (stiff and ultra thin for best average and top speeds) which both outperform carbon fuselages.

AEON frontwings are more efficient than any other foil wings out there and can be ridden 50-80 cm2 smaller while offering an extended low-end and perfect jibing characterics. The hard version (DNA-H) offers the best high-end control while the medium stiffness (DNA-M) offers a touch more low-end at a more affordable price.

AEON backwings offer amazing control plus unmatched cornering speed and accelleration while beeing ultra thin and ultra stiff in our unmatched DNA-H construction. Special low-mount with down-facing tips for extended flight range.

SETS VS. SINGLE PARTS: Choose from our pre-configured foil sets for the most convenient and easy entry into the world of AEON.
Pick your favourite single parts to create your individual AEON system with multiple combinations to customise your foil perfectly.


    “DNA-H” (hard) only for the most stability and control in all conditions. The special profile and shape of the backwings allow us to use low angles of attack on the stabilizers without losing control and flight stability. The whole foil system is working as one. Our backwings are carefully finetuned to work best with our fuselage shapes and frontwings.

    • 160: Surface 160cm2, Span 380mm, Aspect Ratio 9.03 £265
    • 195: Surface 195cm2, Span 420mm, Aspect Ratio 9.05 £285(Bigger sizes for Windsurf and Wingfoil Wave / Freestyle and Freeride to come 2024.)
    • SETUPS

      “Michele Becker” PWA Slalom Setups
      95 Dim-S Mast, 450 DNA-H Frontwings, 100 V2 Titaninum Fuselage, 160 Backwing in rear position +1° shim
      95 Dim-S Mast, 550 DNA-H Frontwings, 100 V1 Titaninum Fuselage, 160 Backwing in rear position +1° shim

      “Alex Cousin” 6.0 PWA Slalom Setup
      95 Dim-S Mast, 375 DNA-H Frontwings, 100 V3 Titaninum Fuselage, 160 Backwing in rear position +1.5° shim

      “Elia Colombo” 9.0 Course Racing Setup
      100 Dim-L Mast, 900 DNA-H Frontwing, 110 V1 Aluminum Fuselage, 195 Backwing in rear position +1° shim

      “Nico Warembourg” 4.2 DEFI Setup
      95 Dim-S Mast, 375 DNA-H Frontwings, 100 V1 Titanium Fuselage, 160 Backwing in rear position +1,75° shim

      “Patrik Diethelm” Freerace Setup
      95 Dim-M Mast, 750 DNA-M Frontwing, 100 V1 Aluminum Fuselage, 195 Backwing in rear position +0,5° shim

      Speed Foiling Setup
      95 Dim-S Mast, 375 DNA-H Frontwing, 100 V3 Titaninum Fuselage, 160 Backwing in rear position +1,5° shim


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