Severne Turbo GT 8.6 2020

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8.6 turbo

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TURBO GT 8.6 2020

This is a new sail, it has been rigged once but has never been used. The 2020 sails feature a stronger xply foot but otherwise are the same as the 2021 sails. These are great for wind foiling . While severne recommend a 490 mast I find they work better on a 460 and this is as big as you can go on a 460 mast. The sail is the red and blue on the left of the picture.

The Turbo GT utilises cams to enhance foil stability and induce pre-set profile for power and drive through gusts and lulls.

All cams are positioned below the boom to lock the power zone very low in the sail where it can most easily be controlled.  Swing weight is also improved by lowering all the hardware and allowing the upper sections to flex and exhaust freely.

The Turbo GT can be run on either RDM or SDM masts.  Incredible rotation is the advantage on the RDM mast, and increased stability is the benefit of an SDM mast.  Both options will deliver blazing speed, early planing and an ultralight feel.

For 2020 significant gains were made in speed and stability;
AERO-LINE battens and Mach2 twist patterns dramatically improve the aerodynamics for a faster sail.
Increased skin tension and a refined batten skeleton improves stability and extends the wind range.

The Turbo GT delivers cam performance.


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