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Freestyle wave freeride mast – 70% carbon prepreg.  100% Made in Italy

Available sizes: new 340 370 400 430

The MX 70 is the perfect choice when durability and the  same quality is required on a mast at an affordable price.  This mast is completely made in Italy and is probably the only mast of this carbon content not made in the Far East. Performance wise this mast should be compared with other brands 85 to 90% carbon masts.

The curve is a constant curve i. e it shares the same bend curves as the Mx 100 and Mx 85 that can perfectly fit   the vast majority of the available modern sails . For sure you ll completely  appreciate   the difference from other masts on the water.

The junction has an EVA clean cap to help preventing sand to stuck the top and bottom together. The top and bottom halves of the masts are interchangeable allowing you to fine tune your sails.

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Weight 0.98 kg

340cm, 370cm, 400cm, 430cm


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