• AHD Fury

 Developed from our Freerace series with Deep Tuttle Fin Box and Board features/construction optimised for use with the AFS DTT Foils, being ideally suited to the W85 and W95 models. 

They are supplied with 4 MFC Footstraps, a 45cm DTT Glass Freeride Fin to offer very fluid handling with delightful gybing, but their hull shape is still optimised for Performance Windsurfing with fins like the Select V-Max, S1 Slam & High Wind offering considerably more performance, with a good all-round size being 45cm

 We can easily supply any Select fin to meet your needs.   

Description : AHD Fury boards are ideal for riders who are looking for high performance Windsurfing from a board which is adaptable and quite friendly. Inboard/Outboard footstrap positions allow tuning to the rider’s level, location and rig.  In spite of their speed, they are still very manoeuvrable, not putting limits on the rider, who can sail with either fin or foil to suite their desires.

To ensure the board is suitable for hydrofoil induced stress, both the Tuttle-box and structure have been considerably reinforced.

Shape : Our double-concave bottom grants speed at all wind-angles. A vee both forward and in the tail grants a variety of curves giving excellent tolerance in gybes, as well as more comfort in chop.

 For an explosive glide, we have sharpened the rails aft. Their structure is more rigid thanks to the «StringerDeck», again improving overall performance and communication with the rider..

130 ltrs 245 x 77cm/ 145 ltrs 245 x 82 cm

This is a great price for a carbon foil ready board!

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AHD Fury

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