• Quatro Pyramid thuster 2017

Pyramid Pro
Surfwave Thruster

The Pyramid is the re-imagination of our purest board. It is designed to be the most progressive wave board on the market. And it is.

A little bit shorter in length, slightly narrower in the nose and with a moderately widened tail the Pyramid offers a bundle of subtle updates with a drastic effect on the water. The Pyramid allows you to take your waveriding to entirely new places. Increasing the thickness through the stance allowed us to compen- sate for moving the straps to more radical positions. By moving the rider back on the board we have created a quicker turning and more reactive ride. Going to a swallow tail delivers addictive hold through full rail turns.We have reworked the fin positioning to achieve the most efficient turn to upwind and planing ratio. This board has the very latest bottom contour of single to double to vee off the tail, the most progressive bottom in our line up.

Available in 72, 77, 86, 95 liters.

The Pyramid will bring you to new places in your waveriding!!!!

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Quatro Pyramid thuster 2017

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