• Severne S3 4.7 Wave sail

Three batten wave sail optimised for quality, down-the-line conditions. The ultra-light weight combined with soft neutral handling give an incredible new wave-sailing experience: Freedom.

With roots in the S-1, this new sail has been an underground development program running for the last 4 years.

The benefit of fewer battens is the instant inflation of the foil. This gives power on demand, and the juice to deliver acceleration whenever needed: accelerate down the face to take-off velocity, or drive vertically under the lip.

Less battens also means the foil is a lot more flexible and auto-corrects during wave-riding.  The S-3 is less critical to oversheeting or undersheeting during turns: the sail just flexes to keep pulling you through the arc. This makes it easier and allows you to just concentrate on where you want to hit the lip.

The S-3 isn't for everyone, but if youíre lucky enough to sail cross-off, down the line conditions this sail will be a revolutionary experience.

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Severne S3 4.7 Wave sail

  • Brand: Severne
  • Product Code: 4.7
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  • £199.00