• Maverx MX 100 2019

MX 100

Wave freestyle mast – 100% carbon prepreg. Made in Italy

Sizes New 340-370-400-430

This is our top of the range mast and certainy one of the best performing mast in the market. We made it to have a very explosive
response that makes it perfet for nasty onshore conditions accelerating the planing .It is a perfect mate for the expert surfer that can appreciate its characteristics. 

A new 340 size replaces the discontinued 460.

The MX 100 is extremely responsive ( higher reflex i.e more stable sail profile i.e better power control) and stable, and therefore a perfect choice in onshore typical conditions that are also gusty.

The top and bottom halves of the masts are interchangeable allowing you to fine tune your sails.

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Maverx MX 100 2019

  • Brand: MaverX
  • Product Code: 340
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • £456.00

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