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I chose to stock the AFS-2 because of its reputation as one of the fastest but also most stable foils you can get -

AFS-2 Foil Range - Standard Deep Tuttle Box

The AFS-2 foils benefit from two years of new development, and the latest innovations in foil profiles. Freeride-Performance sailing was the concept for the AFS-2, which it is built in Full Monolithic Carbon and manufactured in France for ultimate performance, strength and quality. 

The AHD SL2, SL3 and Tunderbird boards are compatible with foiling thanks to their adapted constructions/designs to fully embrace these disciplines.

AFS-2 : Freeride Performance Foil


AFS-2 is the culmination of two years of specific development aimed at taking all we already knew about foiling with the AFS-1 with the AHD head, ensuring that we could reach the same standards when developing a foil specifically for use in existing and new boards fitted with Deep Tuttle fin boxes.

Our goal was to provide a foil which combines tremendous accessibility with amazing performance.

We developed this foil in partnership with Marc Ménec and Tanguy Le Bihan, renowned naval architects specialized in the design of foils, and Foil and Co, a production plant based in Brittany.

The AFS-2 is very tolerant, highly stable, with especially high performance and efficiency at every point of sailing (Vmax more than 30kts, Vmoy more than 27kts in 15-18knots of wind)

Its design has been developed to be mounted on classic series boards (Deep Tuttle box).

Thanks to its 3 sets of wings (550/700/800), it can be used in the wind range 6-30 knots, regardless of the rider's weight.

Design Features

Shaft length: 92.5cm / Fuselage length: 85cm.

3 models of front wings:

-800mm: Heavy weight and/or lightwind 6-18 knots
-700mm: Standard 'universal wing': Average weight and/or medium wind ideal for 8-25 knots
-550mm: Light weight and/or high wind 12-30 knots, for speed.

For this new series of foils, we are delighted to relocate production close to our favourite testing grounds, in Northern France. The construction is 'no compromise' monolithic 100% Carbon prepeg T800, compression moulded to the very highest standards.

The assembly is made in three parts, by a conventional mounting system with screws. (The well proven AFS-1 assembly system could not be utilised on these foils, due to the smaller cross sections of the wing and fuselage profiles used in pursuit of higher speed potential)

" Manoeuvrability 50%
" Speed 100%
" Planning 100%
" Accessibility 80%

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AFS-2 Foil

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