• AHD Thunderbolt

The AHD Thunderbolt is our latest design for windsurf-foiling, with a significant volume they have been developed to  answer the constraints born from the latest hydrofoil generation and the new racing format (acceleration out of gybes and windward heel…)

They plane faster and more easily, their flat deck and purposely designed rails under the rider’s feet help transfer power and stresses to achieve a better control and more speed.

We have chosen to maintain the forward position of the hydrofoil box to help light wind foiling and early foil experience.

Shape: Volume distribution evolves when moving towards the tail.

Flat bottom aft, sharp and straight rails in the tail, every detail is designed to boost early planing so we can reliably provide an early take-off.

Flat deck over the rails improves comfort and foot pressure at any wind angle.

Bevels have been very carefully shaped forward to reduce the « braking-effect » of touch-downs - they ensure the softest 'splash down' possible to reduce the likely hood of a splash, becoming a crash!                                

 Supplied with 4 x Foot Straps. Deep Tuttle Box - no fin supplied,

125 ltrs 230 x 75cm/ 140 ltrs 230 x 84cm/ 150 ltrs 230 x 91cm

For details and guides on other foil brands please go to - www.windfoilzone.com

Windfoil Zone and Sailrepair.co.uk are joining forces to grow the windfoiling sport.

When ordering from Winfoil Zone, don't forget to mention that you have read about Windfoil Zone on Sailrepair’s website.


You will get extra good service and a possible discount!

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AHD Thunderbolt

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